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Q What's Activation?
A Activation is when a Pooh which, bought from a shop or store is treated as a friend, and not just a toy.

Note: Not all Pooh's are activated, saving Pooh the pain of feeling left out or lonely. This in turn prevents the sometimes painful process of deactivation.

Q What's Deactivation?
A Deactivation can be thought of as a safety valve to protect Pooh's feelings. This could happen in any of these situations:
  • Pooh is neglected or feels lonely and switches off, becoming an ordinary toy.
    This is the worst kind, Pooh's feel they are not wanted and when they switch off, their last feeling is one of loneliness or despair..
    If this happens its difficult to reactivate a Pooh, as you can imagine, they are fearful of going through it again (wouldn't you be?).
  • Pooh is not neglected but placed with other Pooh's and/or other toys, eg: on a teddy pile. Here they play so deactivation is decided by the individual Pooh.
  • Deactivation is not painful (when done by a Pooh or loving person), however Pooh's remember each activation. So if an owner is constantly deactivating then reactivating Pooh may feel rejected and/or used.
    Warning: Too much of this may cause Pooh to give up on their owner and deactivate themselves permanently
Q What's Reactivation?
A Reactivation happens when a deactivated Pooh is reawakened.

Previously Unknown Info: Reactivation can now be done by Pooh's..! This means deactivation is no longer a major fear.. (good job or we may have to arrest it for inciting terror..) ;D
  • If Pooh's become bored (or fed up with their owner) they can deactivate knowing their reactivation will not be a painful and stressful thing. Its only by human deactivation the pain occurs.
  • The other way is quite the opposite..
    When Pooh is neglected, or treated badly they deactivate themselves.
    Even though self reactivation is possible, the emotional scars of deactivation by owner will always be remembered.
Death Of A Pooh
Q Pooh was very old. I tried to sew him up but the material frayed, what now?
A First of all stop worrying. Pooh's who have been loved find their way into a new Pooh.

When you feel the time is right to get another Pooh, take your time.. You will see your Pooh's characteristics in the new one. When looking its important to remember these things:
  • The way you felt about Pooh
  • Special memories
  • The love you had for each other
This helps Pooh to be sure its you that picks him up..! Be prepared to do some serious searching before you find him..

Screaming Of The Pooh's
Q I heard someone talking about the "screaming of the Pooh's", what's this?
A Screaming happens when Pooh is ready to be bought, and he has chosen you to buy him..!
  • Its a high pitched sound that is similar to a mouse squeak, only louder..!
  • Screaming can be heard from miles away and goes on until you find the Pooh wanting you for a friend.
  • Unfortunately it also happens when a Pooh is being mistreated. This scream is very distinctive, its louder, sounds painful, and can leave a ringing in your ears.
Fake Pooh
Q I heard someone say they had a fake Pooh, what's that?
A Have you noticed that sometimes Pooh's nose is a bit longer than it should be? Or maybe the stuffing is slightly out of place? If so then you have met or own a fake Pooh..!

They look like Pooh but dont be mistaken, this batch are very mischievous and take great pleasure in getting Pooh into trouble, even going as far as isolating him from you and his friends.

Note: Not all fake Pooh's are mean, unfortunately they are just badly made.
Beware: Isolation can lead to loneliness, which leads to deactivation. If you recognise any of the things below, take action immediately..!
  • You won't know why Pooh has deactivated, even though you have been ever loving. You are now extra loving until Pooh is reactivated.
  • Fake Pooh isolates Pooh causing re-deactivation..!!
    If this happens more than twice then Pooh can never be reactivated again.. ever.
  • Watch out for the fake Pooh's, they push Pooh's to the back of the shelf so they won't be purchased and taken to a loving home.
Just thought you ought to know about them before its too late..

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