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This is me, and here are some facts..

Name: Julia
Age: 32
D.O.B: 08 February 1975
Star Sign: Aquarius ŠPea (
Birth Stone: Amethyst ŠPea
Flower: Primrose ŠPea

  • I have a few phrases i like to use, the one i use most is blah..
  • I love puzzles, my favourites are: code-breakers, code-words, Sudoko and Sumdoko.  ŠPea
  • I love to read. My favourite authors are: Patricia Cornwell, Mary Janice Davidson, Lisa Gardner and Tess Gerritsen..
  • Im too generous for my own good. This sometimes leaves me dealing with individuals who have no problem whatsoever with taking me for granted.
Food 'n' Stuff..
  • I used to eat a lot of ŠPea, for some reason they're now overloaded with sweetcorn..!
  • I adore chicken noodle or mushroom cup-a-soups (+ bit of white pepper), ŠPea and lots of sweets.
  • I love eating ŠPea, although i think the original name Opal Fruits was a lot better.
  • I love ŠPea with lots of butter, preferably ŠPea.
  • I dont like chocolate that has mint in it, bleeeeugghhhh..! Come to think of it i dont like anything with mint added to it..

    1. Whatever you decide to munch on won't taste of anything for at least 1 hour after anything with mint flavouring has been in your mouth
    2. Cigarettes taste awful (not that they 'tasted' good before the mint..)
    3. Eating a chocolate bar like a ŠPea a bit after cleaning your teeth and/or rinsing with mouthwash tastes like laxatives..!
Creepy Stuff..
  • I dont like ŠPea (more..) very much, they've got too many legs. I know they get rid of disease carriers like flies but once i saw a huge one in the bath munching on another spider..! They seem to be getting bigger too
  • I hate woodlice. I think they are creepy little things (also with waaaay too many legs), that always seem to be in the kitchen. Apparently they eat rotten wood so maybe there's a lot of it there.
  • It bugs me when skin gets trapped in the crevices of ŠPea or ŠPea ughhhhhh..! Its bound to happen especially if you have sweaty hands or play a lot of console games..
Under My Skin..
  • My neighbours are still pathetic arse holes..
    1. They bang on the walls and throw things about..
    2. She has a nasty habit of plugging in things very loudly then snapping the switch on/off..
    3. They let her kid scream, shout, and stomp around the house as loudly and as often as they want, as long as it doesn't get on their nerves that is..
    4. She constantly complains about not having any money yet she wont get off her arse and get a job..
    5. There's always a drama going on, they can't just exist like everyone else..
    6. If they hear me going to sleep they turn up their tv..
  • I dont like people who think its OK to take whatever they want from others without giving anything back. This also applies to those who manipulate using emotions, its just as bad.. You know who you are..
  • People who walk their dogs with an extended leash but still let them poo wherever they want
  • Most dogs really get on my nerves..

    1. They poo where we have to walk
    2. They constantly lick their ba**s
    3. They sniff where they're not supposed to
    4. If something starts one barking all the others in the area join in
    5. They're not independent like cats, just dumb and panic if we disappear from their view for a bit.. pathetic..!

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