· Hooked on The Sims ·

ŠPea You know you've been playing The Sims too long when..
You try to change clothes by spinning in place
You speak into a mirror for hours on end believing this will make you charismatic
You wonder why there's no cha-ching sound when you take something from the fridge
You worry about catching something from your pet hamster
You feel inadequate that you cant afford a maid or gardener
You think that making garden gnomes might be a good way to make extra money
You try to stick $20 in you bed before you make love
You work seven days a week and think nothing of it
You think you are going to have sex with someone just by getting into bed and vibrating
You begin to see a blur when someone is nude, bathing or using the toilet
You walk around your home applauding inanimate objects
You undress in front of anyone, since you assume your body is hidden by a nude patch
You kill your annoying neighbour and are surprised when the police arrest you
You see a fire and begin running about, waving your hands in the air and shouting
You keep waiting for the carpool to arrive, even though you have driven to work for years
You keep looking for the cab to get downtown
You're extremely surprised to find that time has actually passed while you were downtown
You dont mind paying $40 for pizza, or $50 for someone to come and change your light-bulbs
You write move_objects on hoping to delete yourself and reappear fully refreshed
You are mildly surprised that all your bills are white, no matter how overdue
You keep writing ctrl-alt-shift-c rosebud desperately on everything you find!
You assume you can make friends with anyone just by chatting for a couple of hours
You assume you can talk them into bed/moving in or marriage by talking to them a bit more
You got stuck in a park swing and blame it on the stupid patch
You look forward to downloading a face-lift for free or changing your personality
You go to an ATM, type in Rosebud and expect to get $1000
You do something really stupid and think "ahhh, i just wont save today.."
Your shopping with friends, they try on clothes while you clap and stomp around like an idiot

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