· Hooked on Cats ·

ŠPea You know you've been around cats too long when..
You apologise when stepping on a cat toy in the dark
You sleep at the edge of the bed as the cats in the middle
You spend more money on cat treats than you do yourself
You have a picture of your cat on your keyring
You leave messages on the answering machine for the cat
Your favourite friends have fleas
You're lost for conversation with non-cat people
You dont go to the door unless its to let the cat in/out
You select your friends based on how well your cat likes them
You watch crap programmes on TV because the cats asleep on the remote
You put up a kitty stocking at christmas
You stand at the computer because the cats sleeping on the chair
When people phone, you insist they say hello to the cat
Your vets bill is higher than your doctors
Most, if not all, of your books are about cats
Your cat has its own E-Mail address and Web Page
You stand at the door freezing while your cat decides if they want to go out or not
When you go out you always tell the cat first and what time you'll be back
When shopping you go to the cat food section first
You leave the wardrobe door open because the cat likes to sleep in there
The cat has a turkey roast all to itself
You never sleep deeply, you're always alert waiting for the cat to miaow to be let in
When its cold you drag out the litter tray so it doesn't need to go outside
You never close the bathroom door as the cat always follows you in
You consider an outfit incomplete without cat hair
You discuss important issues with your cat

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