· Hooked on The Computer ·

ŠPea You know you've been on the computer too long when..
You're stuck to the seat
You go outside and still see the cursor
You wont order pizza, as you cant do it by E-Mail
You and your friends see a trip to the nearest vending machine as an adventure
You giggle insanely, and dont notice
You cant talk to someone without moving your fingers
The palm of your hand is the exact shape of the mouse
Someone stole your chair two hours ago, and you haven't fallen down yet
You ignore the door handle and try to click OK to Exit the room
The computers have been upgraded three times since you entered the room
You become CASE-SENSITIVE in normal conversation
People look into your eyes and see a screen saver
The White Pages list the Computer Room's phone number as yours
You write dot instead of .
You cant see the screen and it doesn't matter
You know how many dots there are on the ceilings
You have names for dots on the ceiling
You make origami animals out of strips off edges of printer paper
You consider typing Go to toilet an acceptable replacement for actually going
You realise you're typing with your mind not your fingers
You think that A: drive dispenses pizza
The monitor blinks more often then you do
You pause, the computer taps you on the side of the head to make sure you're still working
The terminal pines while you're away
You vaguely remember the date you logged in
You look for an icon to double-click to open the window
You're reading a book and look for the Scroll Bar to get to the next page
You look for the Recycle Bin icon to throw away rubbish

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